Given the accelerated adoption of technology during coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the emergence of new needs in terms of new products and services, new business models, and new ways of organizing, the question of how digital technology will impact the recovery after the pandemic is highly salient for scholars of strategy, management, and information systems (IS). This paper attempts to interpret the progress, direction, and purpose of the current research related to digital transformation—the process of digital technology enabled changes. It highlights the importance of taking stock of what we know about digital transformation and shedding more light on what is unique about the post-pandemic recovery phenomenon. To illustrate the potential lasting effect of digital technology in the COVID-19 recovery, four areas in which the pandemic accelerated digital adoption globally are analyzed in detailed: remote work, virtual healthcare, remote learning, and online grocery shopping. Then, the article illustrates the implications for future research at the crossroads between the COVID-19 recovery and digital transformation across multiple levels of analysis, including individual, organization, and society.