Track Co-Chairs
Kaushik Dutta, University of South Florida
Hee-Woong Kim, Yonsei University
Xianghua Lu, Fudan University

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Tuesday, July 2nd

A Quantitative Method to Impact and Shape the Digital Mindset of Organizations

Seyma Kocak, Computer Science
Abdullah Zübeyr Akman, Finance Banking and Insurance Department
Jan Pawlowski, Computer Science

A Theoretical Exploration of How Physician-Generated Content Influences Patients’ Subscription Behavior for Online Medical Services

Yan Li, Central University of Finance and Economics
Yulin Fang, The University of Hong Kong
Xiaoxiao Liu, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Xitong Guo, Harbin Institute of Technology

Customer Engagement in Online Brand Communities: A Literature Review

Aolan Mou, Zhejiang Gongshang University
Xueping Yang, Zhejiang Gongshang University

Enabling Smart Collaboration Spaces in Organizations: Foundations and an Integrated IoT Architecture

Mevludin Blazevic, University of Koblenz
Dennis M. Riehle, University of Koblenz

Fortifying the Human Firewall: Designing a Virtual Reality-Based Test to Measure Individuals' Cyber Security Competencies

Florian Schütz, University of Goettingen
Lennart Steenken, University of Goettingen
Jannes Heinrich Diedrich Menck, University of Goettingen
Simon Hugenberg, University of Goettingen
Patricia Köpfer, University of Hohenheim
Gilbert Georg Hoevel, Paderborn University
Simon Trang, Paderborn University

IT-Supported Organizational Prosociality: An Exploration of Values, Structure, and Power

Emily Boxall, The University of Sydney Business School
Raffaele Ciriello, The University of Sydney Business School
Jade Wendy Brooks, The University of Auckland Business School

Reviewing and Guiding Research and Practice Concerning Age-Based Stigma in Gerontechnology

Yifan Li, Hong Kong Baptist University
Christy M.K. Cheung, Hong Kong Baptist University

Signal Your Team: Heterogeneous Impacts of Joining a Virtual Team in Telehealth

Shiyi Wang, Nanyang Technological University
Jack Tong, Nanyang Technological University
John Qi Dong, Nanyang Technological University
Jian-Jun Wang, Dalian University of Technology

The Impact of Physician’s Social Support on Patient Engagement in Free Live-Streamed Medical Consultation

Haochen Song, Harbin Institute of Technology
Le Wang, City University of Hong Kong
Xitong Guo, Harbin Institute of Technology

The Role of Feedback Literacy in Supporting Self-Regulated Learning: Insights from a Digital Innovation Class

Udayangi Perera Muthupoltotage, University of Auckland
Lesley A. Gardner, The University of Auckland

Understanding gamers’ switching intention from traditional means of gaming to cloud gaming: An empirical investigation

Winston Tong Su, Durham University
Gwen Wei, Durham University
Zach W. Y. Lee, University Of Leicester
Xiaolin Yan, Durham University

Unpacking Digital Resilience Through the Lens of Coordination

Xiao Li, The University of Auckland
Julia Kotlarsky, The University of Auckland
Michael David Myers, University of Auckland

Virtual Reality Adoption in Marketing: Unveiling Its Impact on Firm Value

Chris Xiong, University of York
Hugo Lam, University of Liverpool
Sahar Karimi, University of Liverpool
Wang Xinyue, University of Manchester
Anan Tian, Delft University of Technology