Track Co-Chairs
Duong Dang, University of Vaasa
Yang Liu, Xi’an Jiaotong University
May Wang, BNU-HKBU

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Tuesday, July 2nd

A Defensive AIGC Debate Intelligence Agent based on Counterfactual Action Generation

Zhi xuan Lian, Nankai university
Meiyin Huang, businiss school

A User-Based Study on the Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence-Based Decision-Support Systems

Emir Kučević, Universität Hamburg
Stephan Leible, Universität Hamburg
Tom Lewandowski, Universität Hamburg
Constantin von Brackel-Schmidt, Universität Hamburg
Felix Paul Ohlsen, Deloitte

Algorithmic Duality and its Effects on User Satisfaction

Lemai Nguyen, Deakin Business School, Deakin University
Dilal Saundage, Deakin University
Bingqing Xiong, Deakin University
Leanne Ngo, La Trobe University
Rajeev Sharma, Deakin University

Analyzing Genre-Specific Immersion in VR Gaming: Insights from Steam Reviews

Dion Deng, Tampere University
Mingrui Li, Hong Yi Cambridge International School
Wangchi Lee, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Collaborating with AI in Brainstorming: How Gender Cues of Virtual Agents Affect User Idea Generation and Selection

Siran Wang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Marius Claudy, University College Dublin
Qiang Yan, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Echoes of Emotions: Enhancing Human-AI Collaboration through Emotional Speech

Charlotte Knickrehm, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Erwin Fielt, Queensland University of Technology
Marek Kowalkiewicz, Queensland University of Technology
Jens Poeppelbuss, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Emotion Building and Technology Adoption during the User's Time with AI Companions

Boyu Song, Wuhan University
Nan Wang, Wuhan University

Exploring Explanation Effects on the Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment: Human Resources Professionals' Perspective

Jianing GAO, City University of Hong Kong
David (Jingjun) Xu, City University of Hong Kong
Zhiyin Li, City University of Hong Kong

From Concept to Creation: Artificial Intelligence in Innovation Teams

Thomas Steiger, Department for Strategic Management and Leadership
Khalid Durani, University of Innsbruck
Julian Just, University of Innsbruck
Katja Hutter, University of Innsbruck
Andreas Eckhardt, University of Innsbruck

“Hiding in the Crowd?” In Pursuit of Perceived Anonymity through a Uniform Visual Presentation on Algorithm-driven Social Media Platforms

Qianyi Li, University of Melbourne
Mingxin Zhang, The University of Melbourne
Dilang Tan, The University of Melbourne
Libo Liu, The University of Melbourne
Yixin Zhang, University of Gothenburg

Information Transparency and Impression Management in AI Interviews: The Mediating Role of Perceived Safety

YingLing Liu, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Yi Wang, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Meng Zhang, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Investigating the Inspirational Power of Generative AI

Marc Wyszynski, University of Bremen
Sebastian Weber, University of Bremen
Björn Niehaves, University of Bremen

Memory in the Chatbot: An Integrated Perspective of Human-Chatbot Relationship and Privacy Concerns

Yan Xing, Zhejiang University
Xixian Peng, Zhejiang University
Ben Choi, Nanyang Technological University
Qiuzhen Wang, School of Management,Zhejiang University

Mitigating Algorithm Aversion through Sensemaking? A Revisit to the Explanation-Seeking Process

Xintao Qian, The University of Hong Kong
Yulin Fang, The University of Hong Kong

Overcoming Local Problems with Remote Intelligence: Empowering Next-Generation Diagnosis with Augmented Reality

Zeyuan (Stephen) Hong, Nanyang Technological University
Ben Choi, Nanyang Technological University
Waifong Boh, Nanyang Technological University

Social Bot Identity Disclosure and User Engagement: Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Twitter

Yiqun Zhang, Zhejiang University
Zhen Wei, Zhejiang University
Danyang Song, Zhejiang University
Xi Chen, Zhejiang University

Towards Trustworthy AI Systems: A Human-AI Interaction Study

Thuy-Trinh (Chloe) Nguyen, University of New South Wales
Shan Pan, UNSW
Hoang D. Nguyen, University College Cork

Understanding Nonlinear Relationship between User Verification Behavior and Perceived Credibility in ChatGPT: A Moderating Role of Social Cues

Lufei Liang, School of Information Management
Bo Yang, School of Information Management
Yongqiang Sun, Wuhan University

Unraveling the Double-Edged Sword Effect of AI Transparency on Algorithmic Acceptance

Jiamin Chen, School of Economics and Management, China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)
Yi Jiang, School of Economics and Management, China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)
TianQi Zheng, School of Economics and Management, China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)

Users’ Bias Mitigation Behavior in Human-Generative AI Collaboration: A Protection Motivation Theory Perspective

Minh-Tay Huynh, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano