PACIS 2019 Proceedings


Conflict is an inherent part of ERP implementation phenomenon due to the involvement of many stakeholders, opposing views held by these stakeholders, and the complex nature of organisational change that ERP implementing organisations generally undertake. However, the literature on ERP implementation places an emphasis on technical and process conflicts that is generated from inside or outside the organisation. The literature on conflict in the context of ERP implementation has been summarised in a taxonomy of ERP conflicts using two dimensions (types and sources). These dimensions generating four different types of ERP conflicts. In this paper, we seek to apply and refine existing two dimensions ERP conflict taxonomy for ERP post implementation context. Several internal and external stakeholders were interviewed about conflicts they have experienced during ERP post implementation. Qualitative data analysis was used to evaluate the types and sources of conflict. The data analysis highlights the important role people play in conflict that requires an extension of conflict taxonomy by adding a people dimension. Our findings reported in this research paper contribute to a better understanding of ERP post implementation conflicts.