PACIS 2019 Proceedings


Social live streaming services (SLSS) is becoming popular worldwide for its real-time interaction and successful commercial model. Therefore, it is important to understand user’s gifting behavior on SLSS. Yet it is not explored clearly. From an identity investment perspective, this research studies how class identity and relational identity would impact user’s gifting choices (i.e., consuming amount and number). Based on the identity signaling theory, this study also explores the moderating role of social density elicited by real-time comments. The theoretical framework is tested on 232, 416 individual data collected on Douyu platform. This research contributes not only to the online gifting review literature by revealing different effects of user’s multiple identities on gifting behavior, but also to identity signaling theory by identifying the moderating consequences of social density as rooted in social environments, which provides valuable implications on how to promote sales of virtual gifts on SLSS.