PACIS 2019 Proceedings


Mobile instant messaging (MIM) applications have a massive number of users worldwide. Businesses and organizations are attracted to their capabilities, making them the apps of choice for the formation of virtual groups and communities. While this development is plausible, there are possible overlooked disadvantages. Most MIM studies occur in social settings, not in the workplace. Technostress studies are limited to information workload compared to communication overload, which is more relevant to the MIM applications. Very few studies have investigated the impact of communication overload on the well-being of the employees. This research intends to study the impact of MIM usage for managing work. First, we want to determine the level of communication overload faced by employees using MIM for managing work. Second, we aim to identify the factors that are closely related to communication overload. Third, we want to gauge the relationship strength between communication overload and personal well-being.