PACIS 2019 Proceedings


Design and development of Cyber-Physical systems (CPS) are challenging due to their computational and physical dynamics. However, while studies investigated on model-driven approaches in other information system domains, research concerning how to support CPS design and development using modelling approaches and tools, is limited. Our research shows how model-based approaches and tools can be used to model scenarios in CPS application development while ensuring the CPS dynamism remains intact. We present a model followed by a prototype as an artefact to show a CPS design for health related monitoring. The paper introduces AutoWheel, an automatic wheelchair based monitoring system, as a case study for our design. The proposed design focuses on modeling the system and verifying the behavior of its working in the given mobility related health scenarios. The motivation of the AutoWheel project arises from the need for building low cost manageable technological interface and information system especially for the people in developing countries.