PACIS 2019 Proceedings


The latest tech-enabled financial services supported by the blockchain technology promises to disrupt the strategic positioning of financial institutions and pave the way for FinTechs and TechFins to gain financial centrality. While there has been a growing number of studies on blockchains, we lack a comprehensive view of their nature and implications in the financial industry. Moreover, numerous novel blockchain-enabled financial instruments emerged in recent years expanding global finance ecosystems and the provided services. In this study, we shed light on the main features of blockchain and identify the range of services offered by FinTechs. More importantly, we inductively develop a Blockchain Fintech Fitness Framework that maps the most suitable blockchain technologies – conceptualized along eight features – to the different categories of financial services offered by FinTechs . The framework identifies the structural changes and organizational barriers that FinTech ecosystems need to grapple with to actualize the technology’s capabilities.