PACIS 2019 Proceedings


This paper reports work inprogress from an ongoing investigation of young Chinese tourists’ collaborative information behaviour (CIB). Much existing research around CIB focuses on information seekingepisodes while the circumstances where CIB occurs remain unclear. Thisstudy addresses thisgap by investigatingmotivations to engagein CIB, paving the way towards a holistic perspective of CIBprocess. Following a groundedtheoryapproach, data was collected from sevengroups of young Chinese independent tourists travelling to Australia via interviews and self-kept diaries. Preliminaryresults revealed group holidaymakers’broad and complex information needsfallinginto three categories, with properties beingevolvingand dynamic. Five dimensions of motivations to engagein CIBwere identified, including gathering rich information, shaping specific information needs, sharing information seekingworkload, accommodating each member's preferences and opinions, and sense of participation. We present these emerging results, provide design implications on tourist-centred informationsystems, andpropose further researchdirections