PACIS 2019 Proceedings


IT professionals may feel that rapid development in IT pose a threat to their jobs or they are threatened by co-workers with newer technology skills. Thus, it is important to understand the impact of job insecurity on IT professionals. This study aims to examine why and when IT employees might respond to job insecurity by engaging in deviance and developing turnover intentions. Drawing on transactional model of stress and coping and moral disengagement theory, we propose that job insecurity increases IT employees’ turnover intentions by increasing their negative emotions and job strain. In addition, job insecurity increases deviance by increasing negative emotion and encouraging IT employees to morally disengage. We further propose that the pace of IT change leads to job insecurity, and empathy and moral identity decreases moral disengagement. This study will empirically test the model with data collected from 300 IT/IS professionals of Taiwan’s top 1000 companies.