PACIS 2019 Proceedings


Endorsement marketing has been widely used to generate consumer attention, interest, and purchase behaviors among targeted audience of celebrities. Internet celebrities who become famous by means of the Internet are more dependent on strategy intimacy to appeal to their followers. Limited studies have addressed the new business models in Internet celebrities economy: content advertising and online retailing. Our study aims to examine how Internet celebrity endorsement influencing the consumers’ clickon behaviors and purchase behaviors in the context of e-commerce business. Results suggest that content marketing using Internet celebrity endorsement exhibit a significant role in bringing referral traffic to e-commerce sites but less helpful to boost sales. The impact of Internet celebrity endorsement on consumers’ click-on decisions is U-shaped, but the role of Internet celebrities as online retailers will “shape-flip” such relationship to a negative linear relation. Therefore, Internet celebrity endorsement provides effective ways to bring referral traffic to e-commerce sites.