PACIS 2019 Proceedings


There has been an increased initiative to realize smart tourism in the world. Yet, there are un-pioneered challenges for the people who lead and manage smart tourism projects and realize its value in smart tourism (we call them as ‘Smart tourism initiatives’), such as coordinating of tourism complexity, planning and sharing tourism strategy, sustaining tourism projects and innovation. In light of these challenges, the overall objective of this work is to design a holistic capability maturity model for smart tourism governance enabling sustainable tourism innovations via tackling the challenges above. The Dynamic capability theory was adopted as a theoretical lens, and the Design science research methodology was introduced to develop a new capability maturity governance model as a design artifact. And We could synthesize findings from iterations of the design research cycle based on the IT Capability Maturity Model. The results of the study propose a potential capability maturity model that supports effective communication and strategic alignment for the initiatives with illuminating future paths with evaluation methods on tourism capabilities for the initiatives. Throughout this study, we contribute to the body of knowledge as well as practice by proposing a new tourism capability governance model.