PACIS 2019 Proceedings


The increased use of IT artefacts globally has spurred debate as to what degree indigenous community’s benefit from any involvement with such technologies. To confront such challenges, indigenous peoples must continue to progress their goals in seeking solutions towards the construction of the IT artefact that brings a sense of indigenous connection. One such problem is delivering a sense of placement inside the IT artefact where the inherent and essential properties that give an indigenous object, person, or environment their meaning and significance is able to be digitally translated. The key issue here is the need to embrace the environmental attributes of the indigenous community being represented. This study constructs a design to automate a New Zealand Maori welcoming ceremony for the purpose of receiving visitors being greeted onto traditional Maori grounds. An agent-based model is developed operating inside an indigenously tasked environment to encapsulate understanding ‘as it appears to exist’ for the New Zealand Maori community as a representation of the IT artefact ensemble.