PACIS 2019 Proceedings


This study aimed to explore users’ perspectives on the usability of an online patient portal (i.e., 1177 Vårdguiden) in Sweden. By following the ISO 9241-11 framework, the usability of 1177 Vårdguiden was evaluated by the three usability dimensions (i.e., effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction) with nine users in Sweden. The users were asked to complete the given tasks, surveys, and take part in final interviews to reflect their perceptions to the online patient portal. Users were asked to think aloud as they carried out tasks. The effectiveness of the portal was just below average. However, task level satisfaction and system level satisfaction were just above average. Participants were not able to use the portal proficiently due to technical usability problems and unawareness about e-health services and relevant terminologies in some cases. Learnability of the features of the online patient portal resulted fairly high and so were the interests of the users in its features.