PACIS 2019 Proceedings


E-scooter sharing is gaining popularity while riders’ privacy concerns still remain, due to their destructive threat to individuals. Based on the APCO macro model, this study examines the relationships among antecedents (i.e., privacy experiences, privacy awareness, usage regularity, and geographical regularity), privacy concerns, and the outcome (i.e., continuance intention to use e-scooter sharing platforms). An interesting phenomenon is that quite a few users have continuance intention to use even when they have privacy concerns, which has rarely been explored with the concept of psychological distance. This research therefore further investigates the relationship between privacy concerns and users’ continuance intention by adding four different types of psychological distance (i.e., temporal, spatial, interpersonal, and platform-self distances) as moderating variables in our research model, drawing on construal level theory. Research findings are expected to contribute to literature on privacy paradox, the APCO macro model, and construal level theory, along with some practical implications.