PACIS 2019 Proceedings


Nudging has become a well-renowned concept in policy making throughout the previous decade. Based on insights from behavioral economics (BE) and psychology, nudges are defined as intentional and targeted interventions to modify the choice architecture and alter individuals’ behavior to a desired direction. As digital choice environments increasingly influence individuals’ lives, a discourse on digital nudging has begun within the information systems (IS) community. With a transdisciplinary bridge-building approach, we address the current state of digital nudging and argue that a more thorough foundation and definition of digital nudging can render itself useful for integrating the extensive research on choice architectures and nudging present in BE. In this article, we summarize, transfer and discuss the current state of digital nudging’s conceptualization in BE and IS. Furthermore, we propose an extended definition of digital nudging and introduce Blended Environments Framework as integrated views of analog and digital realms.