Due to the rapid change of information technology (IT), there may be stressors to cause many IT professionals to suffer from technostress. Technostress has a negative impact on IS employees’ mental health. According to transactional model of stress and coping, coping resources (e.g. social support) can mitigate IT professionals' strain. However, the impacts of personal resources on IT professionals' strain and engagement are ignored. In this study, I propose a research model in which workplace social support and online social support are theorized to enhance IT professionals' personal resources. Personal resources are theorized to have a direct beneficial effect on OT professionals' strain and moderate the relationship between technostress creators (stressors) and strain. Finally, the reasearch model theorizes that strain reduces work engagement and increases turnover intention. This study will test the model with data collected from 200 IT professionals of Taiwan's top 500 companies.