The distinction between technology properties (artifact) and technology-in-practice is important because technology per se does not show performance, only the use of technology could. By examining technology-use, organizations could understand what actually happens during the use and how users interacts using technologies in their daily work activities instead of the mere presence of technology. This study aims to understand why different organizations experiences unique consequences from their investment in the same type of technology. This research work has conducted two in-depth case studies in organizations (i.e. IP and RP). This paper provides stories of each case using the concept from practice lens theory. Concepts from practice lens theory of Orlikowski (2000) are used as a lens through which data are interpreted and explained. Findings from this work illustrated different ways organizations leveraging on technology (i.e. Enterprise Content Management Systems, ECMS) to coordinate their business operations. This would benefit IT and business managers that would like to understand to what extend could they leverage from technologies to support the coordination of their operations.