The fast growth of electronic business activities in China during the last two decades has attracted significant attention from practice as well as academics in different countries. The purpose of this paper is to draw the basic outline of e-business research over the last two decades in China based on e-business research projects granted by National Social Science Fund of China from 1999 to 2017. Changes of the research on e-business over time, subject distribution, geographical distribution, active research institutions and high frequency words have been analyzed. The findings showed that the research subjects on e-business in China over last two decades could be classified into 6 categories: online consumer behavior, trust of e-business, internet business model innovation, rural electronic business, internet financial and macro issues related to e-business. The research on e-business has obtained the attention of researchers from different disciplines including management, economics, law, library, sociology, statistics, sports and journalism. The results have given a clear image of the academic investigation on e-business over the last two decades in China.