The service industry plays an important role to perform the economic activities around the world. The importance of services has been a critical issue either in academic or practical fields. Service providers have to maintain customer loyalty by continuously achieving high customer satisfaction in order to gain business profit during service delivery. Consequently, understanding the service concept and designing quality services help service providers to get the long-term customer relationships. However, how to design quality services to effectively attract customers for service providers is always extremely critical. Service providers have to come up with useful approaches to design satisfactory services for a long time which can attract customers as far as possible. Accordingly, service sustainability is an important issue to affect whether service providers can deliver suitable services to customers or not. Sustainability can be considered as a key performance index to evaluate the customer reaction and feedback of a service. This study also applies the notions, i.e., value provision and customer involvement, of the service-dominant logic to examine service sustainability. Besides, information privacy is an important topic for enterprises and users to perform the service activities. Appropriate privacy management is essential and necessary to evaluate service sustainability.