Entrepreneurial competencies have been validated in entrepreneurship studies. However, there seems to be many different varieties in defining entrepreneurial competencies. In this regard, the purpose of this paper is to conduct a literature review of prior entrepreneurial competencies, identify characteristics of entrepreneur and develop a framework of entrepreneurial competencies in order to contribute for future research. With this purpose, the relevant literatures published in SSCI level journals were collected via Google scholar search, and among these literatures, 14 papers were identified for demonstrating the key entrepreneurial characteristics and words that were most mentioned. For determine characteristics empirically, this paper mainly gathered the samples that studied the relationship between entrepreneurial competencies and venture performance. 141 elements were collected from these paper. These elements are summarized by classifying according to keywords that are most mentioned. After having a process, these elements were grouped into five clusters into five clusters via a focus group sorting exercise. The resulting framework of entrepreneurial competencies consists of five dimensions: ‘Opportunity competencies’, ‘Administrative competencies’, ‘Relationship competencies’, ‘Personal competencies’ and ‘Commitment competencies’.