Electronic reading is a process of digitalizing not only the content and reading devices but also the publication and distribution of books. With the development of e-books, more attention has been paid to use of e-books in education. Through online communities and innovative learning models, digital content providers can offer plenty of resources to help learners at all levels and promote the effectiveness of their self-regulated learning. The objective of this study is to build a cloud-based learning platform that integrates designs of electronic picture books and the social functions of Facebook. Students of multimedia design can upload their works to this platform and learn from each other through idea sharing and discussion. This platform is expected to help students create works with better quality and more creativity. Besides, this study also investigates the learning behavior and use intentions of students on this platform based on “Social Interaction Theory” and “Uses and Gratifications Theory”. This study attempts to capture students’ needs and how they are related to their learning outcomes. Results of this study contribute to the development of cloud-based learning and can be a reference for design of learning materials and improvement of teaching models.