In this study, we propose the Enhanced Intercultural Transformation Theory (EITT) by adding the two additional factors, i.e. support and motivation as an extension to the existing Intercultural Transformation Theory (ITT). Based on the EITT, we propose a framework of an Exchange Experience Assessment (EEA) course with all five EITT factors: stress, adaptation, growth, support and motivation, and their interface with three stakeholders: student, facilitator (legal professional) and instructor. We report the design of the EEA course and its implementation in a University in Hong Kong. The collected data confirmed our proposed Enhanced Intercultural Transformation Theory (EITT) and three-phased framework of EEA course. We found that students were able to develop patentable ideas through the stress-adaptation-growth process during their academic exchanges with appropriate support and motivation by the legal professional and instructor within the EEA framework. Our findings can enable interested faculty in any university to attempt to offer a similar EEA course for the benefit of budding inventors in their campus.