It is crucial to stimulate Individual Creativity(IC) for organizations to be innovative, as well as higher education. The booming of information and communication technology (e.g., Slack) supports the opportunity to figure out whether higher education in e-learning environment has potential for enhancing participants’ individual creativity. Besides, as an essential antecedent of IC, we believe that, despite transformational leadership still plays an important role in IC, the mechanism of how it works is changing. Hence, adopting a perspective of Social Exchange Theory (SET), we test the moderate effect of Transformational Leadership (TL) on IC through knowledge sharing (KS). We design an 8- week course where WeChat and Slack are required to use as auxiliary tools for teams to complete a project online. 2 rounds of survey have been done to collect data (at 4th week and 8th week). Results show that KS has a positive effect on IC, and TL has a significant moderate effect on the relationship between extrinsic motivation and KS. Implications for theory and practice, and limitations are also given.