The current research conducts an exploratory study that examines the determinants of social community value creation. The mediation effect of community beliefs is also explored. Based on the Value -Belief -Norm theory, the research develops and examines a conceptual model that considers extrinsic and intrinsic perceived value (EPV and IPV), and biospheric value as the main determinants of value creation behavior for online communities . Results obtained from the analysis of 335 valid community users show that (1) intrinsic perceived value is significantly associated with the value creation attitude toward intention, implying that community users thus far thus likely appreciate such intrinsic effect of community as participation value and sentiment value; (2) the beliefs partially mediates the effect of IPV on value creation behavior; (3) with respect to the three types of value creation behavior, the significance occurred only on EPV to passive behavior, IPV to active behavior and private behavior; and (4) when trust and norm come into the model the IPV becomes more significant for the Norm in active behavior while remains the same in private behavior, showing that beliefs probably have interplay effect on value creation behavior. However, this still needs additional and in-depth analysis. Discussion and implications are also addressed.