Limited attention has been directed towards how to develop service climate in G2B e-service industry. In particular, the impact of psychological capital on service climate has been largely ignored. We conduct this study to address this research gap. Our purpose is to examine the antecedent roles of both job resources and psychological capital and how they contribute to service climate in G2B e-service industry. A multi-method study combining the qualitative and quantitative methods was under-taken. We established our conceptual model through a case study of a Chinese G2B service provider. Then we tested the research hypotheses through a survey of frontline service employees. The survey data was analysed using partial least squares (PLS). The results suggest that job resources and psy-chological capital are important predictors of service climate, which in turn predicts service quality. Our findings will not only improve our understanding of service climate in G2B e-service industry, but also provide valuable guidance to G2B service providers seeking to improve their service quality.