New approaches to expediting the placement of personnel in appropriate enterprises are expected in human resource management and contribute to its success. Both applying for employment and recruiting employees should be faster and more convenient than they currently are. However, lacking a systematized and standardized paradigm causes enterprises to waste time recruiting, and prospective employees cannot obtain suitable positions, despite many job banks being available. To match recruiters with candidates efficiently, the human resource domain requires data exchange standards including credibility and generalization. With the development of information systems and the increasing popularity of cloud services, using e-recruitment and selection systems has become a new trend for businesses. However, most domestic human resource agencies analyze job seekers according to personality, career interests, and work values. These evaluation criteria create difficulty for employers in estimating the suitability between job seekers and employment positions. Therefore, this study considered how to combine the competency model and gap analysis to build a competency measurement system for e-recruitment and selection systems based on design science framework. The competency measurement system used inference engine by case based reasoning . Finally, system testing was conducted to measure the quality of the system, and the feedback from respondents.was used to improve the deficiencies of the system for application in the real world.