Following the fast growing of social network sites (SNS) such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in the cyber world recently, the social commerce has become an important emerging issue in these SNS. The aim of the study is to comprehend the antecedents for SNS users’ social commerce intention (SCI) of giving and receiving shopping information about products or services on SNS. According to the literature review, the study applied SNS behavior (participating and browsing), social capital theory (bonding and bridging) to investigate how these factors influence SCI. The study conducted an empirical research on SNS. After the research survey collected from SNS (facebook) users for one month, the research has several findings. First, SNS behavior and social capital affect SCI simultaneously, and the effects between SNS behavior and SCI are partially mediated by the bonding and bridging social capital. Second, both of browsing and participating behaviors have significantly positive relationships with bonding and bridging social capital. Theoretical contributions and managerial implications are also discussed providing several future research directions and suggestions to the scholars and SNS operators, respectively.