Data governance has recently received attention as a way to improve company-wide data quality management. As with other governance concepts, accountabilities is central to data governance- roles and responsibilities must be introduced that facilitate the processing of data according to company needs. Marketing is one business area where data-driven decision-making has shown promise, and which is likely to benefit from company-wide data governance. However, empirical investigations of data governance are still limited. This research analysed survey data in Japan that investigated the hypothesized relationships of accountabilities in data governance to perceived performance in marketing activities via the intermediate variable of data utilization. The research found positive links between these variables, showing one avenue by which data governance is effective. However, it should be noted that in the case of larger companies, this link was confirmed only between accountabilities and data utilization. In practical terms, the result can be used to promote data governance in companies. Future research potential is suggested at the end of the paper.