The ability to sense and respond to continuous, uncertain, and unpredictable changes in dynamic business environments is called organizational agility, which is an important determinant of business success. Besides providing several benefits for organizations, the usage of mobile technologies (MT) poses great potential to enhance sensing and responding capabilities to ultimately foster organiza-tional agility. Empirical evidence of previous research on the relation between MT usage and organi-zational agility is mainly grounded on qualitative case-based research lacking generalizable results. Our study aims to systematically examine this relation by developing a theoretical model and conduct-ing a quantitative survey to test the model. Our findings indicate that MT usage and organizational agility are positively associated. From an academic view, we provide first quantitative insights into the relation between MT usage and organizational agility, thus, paving the way for future research. Practitioners need to exceed the current maturity stage of MT usage, by promoting integration and alignment of MT and business processes.