Using the context of a university in a developing country, this research is employing a single case study with embedded design to examine the perspective of academics as secondary adopters of managerial ICT innovations. By exploring the influence of mediating factors towards the adoption and implementation of the innovations, this research will contribute to and extend the hybrid innovation diffusion framework advocated by Gallivan (2001) in a university setting in Indonesia. Gallivan (2001) suggests that innovation diffusion studies should accommodate the contingent adoption scenario where the innovation is first adopted at an organisational level, leaving organisation members as secondary adopters. Universities frequently utilise this scenario as university executives initially adopt innovations before mandating them to academics. The framework is therefore a suitable tool to be used to assess ICT innovation diffusion in universities. The research has reviewed the available literature, identified the research gap and developed a preliminary conceptual framework upon which to analyse the case study. After the data is analysed, a refinement of the framework will be undertaken.