Mobile advertising has received considerable attention in recent studies. Previous research suggests a number of factors influencing the attitude of consumers toward mobile advertising, but the gap between the favorable attitude toward mobile advertising and product purchase intention has received less attention. To fill this research gap, this study aims to construct a research model with five mobile advertisement characteristics as antecedents that influence consumer attitude toward mobile advertising, which directly and indirectly affects buying intention. Furthermore, product involvement is proposed to alter the effect of attitude on mobile advertising relative to purchasing intention. Considering these objectives, this study contributes to existing literature in two ways. First, a theory-driven research framework with five influential advertisement features is proposed to directly influence customers’ attitude toward mobile advertising and to indirectly affect the ultimate consumption decision. Thus, the relative strength of each advertisement feature can be compared. Second, product involvement is proposed to serve as a moderator of the hypothesized relationships in the model, thus extending the literature on mobile advertising. Research methodologies and intended managerial contributions are also discussed.