What is really ‘new’ in Big Data? – Big Data seems to be a hype that has been emerging during the past years. But it requires a more thorough discussion beyond the very common 3V (velocity, volume, and variety) approach. We established an expert group to re-discuss the notion of Big Data, identify new characteristics, and re-think what actually really is new in the idea of Big Data by analysing over 100 literature resources. We identified typical baseline scenarios (traffic, business processes, retail, health, and social media) as starting point, from which we explored the notion of Big Data from a different viewpoint. We concluded, that the idea of Big Data is simply not new, as well as we need to re-think our approach towards Big Data. We introduce a fully new way of thinking about Big Data, and coin it as the trend of ‘Cognitive Big Data’. The publications introduces a basic framework for our research results. However, this work remains work-in-progress, and we will continue with a refinement of the Cognitive Big Data Framework in one future publication.