As firms seek to innovate, they must undertake a bricoleur’s mindset, one that allows them to make do with the resource constraints they have in order to enact their innovation frugally. This mindset allows for the identification of resources that can be recombined and repurposed in the interest of efficiency and effectiveness. This case study of Koufu, one of Singapore’s largest food and beverage operators, seeks to explore how the underlying processes of frugal innovation can be through enacting organisational bricolage. With its findings, this research-in-progress paper hopes to present an empirically substantive stage-wise model that complements frugal innovation at the organisational level, providing practitioners with a useful source for harnessing the potential of frugal innovation. Being able to do more with less is an invaluable tool that will allow for firms to witness rapid growth, and allowing them to bring their organisational goals to life.