Introduction The United Nations has listed 8 millennium development goals as urgent healthcare tasks related to the social environment of affiliated countries, including three related to the healthcare agenda: reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and combating HIV/AIDS. India has a huge national territory and the largest population among developing countries with acute diarrhea being one of the leading contributors. Methods Disease factors need to be biologically clarified. In this study, I proposed a system in which medical data are collected through mobile van clinic visits in rural areas near Jaipur City. I also considered parents to think about spiritual care using an interview guide. Discussion In the urban areas of India, remote medical treatment and exchange of diagnostic images have been performed in the department of neurosurgery and other departments. A system such as the Internet should be established to enable administration of remote medical treatment even in areas with multiethnic and multi-religious populations. Conclusion To reduce mortality among children in India, I conducted an interview survey of this proposal. I analyzed the results of my interview guide with participants of meetings held among Indian people. They were surveyed, and the results were effective.