Recent developments in Knowledge Sharing (KS) have heightened the need for security. However, there has been little discussion about ‘how to’ integrate security into KS models effectively. This research addresses this gap by proposing a KS Risk Governance (KSRG) framework and research model based on the framework to integrate security into KS through Knowledge Risk Governance (KRG). The role of KRG in the model is identified as a moderator which would influence on the risks of KS. The potential constructs for the model are identified through literature review. Social Exchange Theory (SET) is selected as theoretical framework to describe the KS behaviour and identify the formative constructs of KRG. The results of this study indicate that (1) SET factors are positively associated with KS behaviour, (2) KRG moderated the relationship between the SET factors and KS behaviour and (3) KS via KRG as a moderating construct will reduce the risks of KS. Therefore, KSRG framework provides a helpful guideline for senior managers auditing their organization's current KS strategy and requirements for reduction of KS risks.