Nowadays, many companies collect Voice of the Customer (VOC) in order to understand more about customers and the way they think about the companies or products/services. Many collection methods are being used to capture those valuable resources. This paper introduces “VOC 3.0”, a new Voice of the Customer (VOC) collection method through customer co-creation. This new method is aiming to create value with customers through co-creation activities and exploit knowledge residing both in customers and company. This study identifies the differences of VOC 3.0 from other traditional VOC collection methods. We also propose a theoretical framework for VOC 3.0 and introduce the case of Fuji Xerox’s Customer Co-creation laboratory’s open laboratory as an example of a successful company with VOC 3.0. From this case study, key activities of the collection method are listed by using Process-Workplace-Tool framework. Findings in this study also show the examples of process, workplace and tool that might be key activities in VOC 3.0.