The health analytic (HA) process model presented in this paper is developed to conduct HA projects in an orderly manner instead of approaching them in an ad-hoc manner. While a well-documented process model will avoid overdependence on the experience of an analyst it will also assist novice users in learning the best practices to analytics very easily. The existing process models for data mining have failed to meet user requirements and thus have been unsuccessful in diffusing among the data analysts. This study aims to propose a refined HA process model to guide novice users. The process model is developed using design science research approach followed by an ex-ante evaluation. Design criteria to develop the model were based on the challenges in HA identified through literature and by utilizing a data analytic case. The process model is developed using the necessary theoretical foundation, best practices in software engineering and data mining process models along with design science research approach. The theoretical and practical implications of the model too are provided in this paper.