Social Q&A sites take advantage of the wisdom of crowds and produce huge number of answers every day. This research-in-progress paper aims to develop a measurement scale of Information Quality (IQ) for social Q&A from the perspective of the user perception. Based on the previous studies with a set of attributes, a conceptual framework of IQ in social Q&A context is developed. Five scholars in the IS field are also interviewed for helping us modify this scale. Baidu Knows, which is the most influential Chinese social Q&A website, is used to conduct the empirical study. This paper employs the Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) to test our preliminary measurement scale and make some further revisions. The findings show the IQ of social Q&A includes four dimensions, i.e., Content Quality, Source Quality, Performance Quality, and Emotion Quality with a total of 19 key indicators. This tentative study of IQ evaluation is effective in identifying high-quality answers on social Q&A sites. Moreover, it also has the potential to contribute to the interaction design of social Q&A sites.