“If only we knew what we know” is a refrain that has echoed across centuries, cultures, organisations and day-to-day affairs. The root cause for this is the lack of a holistic and integrated view on knowledge sharing. Globalisation and the increased speed of operations in the business world have led to dramatic changes in organisational life; the traditional way of working is no longer competitive. One of the critical factors determining the success of an enterprise nowadays is the ability to share knowledge, despite hierarchical structure, geographical barriers, and the age and experience of employees. There has been abundant research into knowledge management and knowledge sharing. However, most of the literature devoted to knowledge sharing has approached the problem from a range of perspectives: strategic, managerial, behavioral, participatory, relational, process, contextual and/or technological. This research reviews knowledge-sharing problems and issues with the purpose of synthesizing a generic structure, gained through reviewing various frameworks, concepts and theories from different disciplines of study. This paper aims to contribute to the knowledge-sharing research field by developing a framework which addresses the above-mentioned problems. In particular, we propose a holistic intra-organisational knowledge sharing framework that integrates strategy, process, structure, systems, people and environment into a cohesive whole. This framework is further enhanced into an inter-organisational one.