The purpose of this study is to examine the implications (user benefits and costs) of user generated content posted by users on Facebook to individual users. Although motivations to use social networking sites are widely researched and published, studies on implications of information on social networking sites is sparse. Hence, this study addresses this gap by an interpretive analysis of user generated content posted by users on Facebook. Content posted by a selected number of users on Facebook is classified based on an information classification framework. Implications eventuating from the classified user generated content to individual users are established using thematic analysis. Findings indicate that Self presentation and relationship building are the major user benefits eventuating from basic user information, whereas loss of privacy, security risk, and identity theft are the major user costs. Users entail professional career development by posting information on user’s education. Employment details of user entail benefits of professional career development and impression management. On the other hand, posting textual communication entails benefits of impression management, enjoyment, and relationship building, whereas costs include social conflict and emotional distress. Findings of this study add to the theory on implications of user generated content posted by users on Facebook.