e-Health is a rising research area in the intersection of public health and business sectors which refers to health and information services that are delivered or improved by using the Internet and other related information and communication technologies. Various aspects of e-Health are discussed in the literature; however, there is a research gap in the areas of system requirements engineering and health business process. It is widely accepted that health business process can play a pivotal role in capturing the details of e-Health system requirements. Therefore, understanding health business process is important to obtain suitable e-Health system requirements. A previous work proposed a methodology that manually models and analyses health business process for the aim of eliciting valid e-Health system requirements. However, the manual modeling and analysis technique is time consuming and may not be effective in the rapidly changing e-Health environment. This paper aims to overcome this limitation. The paper presents the automated approach of health business process modeling and analysis for e-Health system requirements elicitation. A case study on routine patient consultation visits in a healthcare organization has been used to validate the approach.