Knowledge sharing is one of the hot issues in the theoretical field and practical world at the current. It remains to be further studied on what level knowledge sharing among Chinese universities is at and what mechanism can affect it. This paper presents a model of conceptual and measurement of knowledge sharing among scientific research teams(KSASRT) in universities and its relevant influential factors with consideration of the special situation in China, aiming at developing an integrative understanding of the factors supporting Chinese scholars’ knowledge sharing behaviour based on the knowledge governance mechanism(KGM). Moreover, we analyze the mediating of sense of ownership, the typical mentality for the Chinese, between formal knowledge governance and knowledge sharing behaviour as well as informal knowledge governance and knowledge sharing behaviour. In addition, we consider the moderate impact of affiliation to discipline on the influence mechanism those knowledge governance variables on knowledge sharing due to the particular university environment. This study not only makes a useful contribution to the theoretical understanding of knowledge governance and knowledge sharing in Chinese universities, but also offers some interesting directions for further empirical research of higher education and scientific research institutions in China.