According to technology acceptance model (TAM), IT adoption is influenced by two perceptions: usefulness and ease-of-use. Researchers have discussed on what kind of IS applications offers opportunities for enhancing guest services to meet increasing customer expectations. However, little research has focused on IS adoption for collaboration IS in hospitality. Employees’ working efficiency and creation are important in competitive advantages. Collaboration engineering (CE) is an effective method which can help group decision making, but there is little research about using the CE method in hotel information system (HIS) design. Therefore, in this study, we design a collaboration process and apply our self-developed CE based information system (CEIS) in a five-star hotel case in China. We find that although our design can be used in hospitality by the IT support, it cannot always enhance decision making effectiveness for this case. We also find some factors affecting the CEIS adoption in hospitality which could give clues to future research.