Since Government transparency and information open has got more attention by both academia and practitioners with the development of information technologies (IT) and Internet, The popularity of Web 2.0 application provides the government some new opportunities and challenges. Official documents exchange via microblogging (ODEM) in the Bureau of Justice, Haining is a practice case of government information open in the new media. For analyzing the determinants from academic perspective and exploring the managerial value of the case, the paper report an exploratory case study based on the technology-organization-environment (TOE) framework. After several field interviews and rigorous data coding by following the case study methodology, we find that top manager’s support, personnel’s IT accomplishment, and regional economic and social environment are the key determinants of the emergence of ODEM, as well as the organizational structure and operational flow is not change immediately in this case. The limitation and future goals of the study are also discussed in the paper.