The well-grounded advancement of information systems can offer most users more comprehensive and satisfying functions that make an individual’s daily involvements simpler and easier. The mobile cloud computing acceptance and continued usage nature investigation is one of the most timely research domains for furthering our understanding in IS. The focus is on the integration of the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation dimensions that mobile subscribers experience to proposed expectation-confirmation model. Practically, the study investigates the moderating effect of mobile subscriber’s exposure on the relationship within our core IS continuance model with integrated intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. A total of 550 acceptable responses, coming from two staged field survey, targeted on respondents among Korean company employees. The findings provide a basis for an enhanced theory on users’ continued use of an innovation and its applications to mobile cloud computing. This study is expected to offer incremental insights from Korean mobile users’ experience of conventional web-based services worldwide before they grow into the new mobile cloud business.