Technology has significantly changed the way humans are living. Sociocultural view of globalization posits that different cultures across the world are continuously evolving to become more integrated and homogenous. Technology Determinism Theory posits that the technology of a society determines the development of its social structure and cultural values. Drawing on sociocultural globalization and Technology Determinism Theory, this study investigates the effect of technology on national culture and values. The findings indicate that technology is an important driver of cultural convergence pushing national cultures across the globe to converge toward two cultural values: higher individualism and lower power distance. The findings also show that technology affects national uncertainty avoidance in two different ways. We also find that technology increases national confidence in organizations through the creation of increased transparency. The study shows that ICT infrastructure acts as a general purpose technology empowering national technological advancement. The results of this study have implications for policymakers at both national and global levels regarding how technology affects the evolution of human societies. Additional implications exist for the promotion of worldwide peace and democracy.