Companies often implement multiple process variants in their organizations at the same time. Often these variants differ widely in terms of efficiency, quality and cycle time. In times of highly volatile global economic markets, companies cannot afford unnecessary redundant business processes. Business Process Standardization has therefore become a major topic in the field of Business Process Management, both in research and practice. Management decisions concerning standardization are difficult and complex, due to limited project budgets, organizational and technological changes as well as the increasing challenges of globalization. Choosing suitable processes for standardization is the essential precondition for streamlining business processes in the first place and therefore for reaping the full benefits of Business Process Standardization. However, there is hardly any tool available that supports the evaluation of business processes for standardization. To close this research gap, we develop an instrument for the evaluation of business processes in the context of Business Process Standardization with the aim to help practitioners in their day-to-day operations. Our research aims at providing the necessary preconditions for companies to profit from the advantages of business process standardization and to support decision-making.