This paper focuses on the multiperspective requirements that influence mobile collaborative maintenance adoption and implementation in engineering asset management organizations. Mobile technologies have developed rapidly and they are viewed as business enablers, and have the potential to support asset maintenance practice. Nowadays, several specialized systems have been invested in by engineering asset organizations to enhance their asset management and maintenance systems, however most experts agree that the success rate of such systems is less than thirty per cent. The main reason for unsuccessful implementation is that there is no agreement as to what types of collaborative maintenance systems are required. To the best of our knowledge, this research is among the first in attempts to identify the mobile collaborative maintenance requirements through eliciting the expert panel points of view via a Delphi study. The aim was to develop and propose an appropriate framework for guiding engineering organizations to implement new mobile technologies in facilitating asset maintenance collaboration. The Round two of the three-round Delphi iterations identified 31 of the mobile collaborative maintenance requirements which cover technological, organizational and people perspectives.