Gamification has the potential to improve the quality of learning by better engaging students with learning activities. Our objective in this study is to evaluate a gamified learning activity along the dimensions of learning, engagement, and enjoyment. The activity made use of a gamified multiple choice quiz implemented as a software tool and was trialled in three undergraduate IT-related courses.

A questionnaire survey was used to collect data to gauge levels of learning, engagement, and enjoyment. Results show that there was some degree of engagement and enjoyment. The majority of participants (77.63 per cent) reported that they were engaged enough to want to complete the quiz and 46.05 per cent stated they were happy while playing the quiz. In terms of learning, the overall results were positive since 60.53 per cent of students stated that it enhanced their learning effectiveness.

A limitation of the work is that the results are self-reported and the activity was used over a short period of time. Thus, future work should include longer trial periods and evaluating improvements to learning using alternative approaches to self-reported data.